Programs by Request

The professional and student staff of WesWell provides a variety of educational outreach programs and offers referrals to outside presenters.  These programs are designed to provide appropriate health information for participants as well as create a comfortable, safe place to have conversations and their questions answered about the health issues relevant to college students.  


Request a Program

Please submit your Program Request to WesWell at least THREE WEEKS in advance to set up a program. Additional time is appreciated if it involves asking an outside speaker to present. Advance planning on your part will help to guarantee the program you want at the time you want it with the best presenter for the needs of your audience. 

After reviewing your program options below, 
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Programs offered by WesWell Staff

Topics available for educational programs by WesWell professional staff and/or the student Peer Health Advocates include (but are not limited to):

  • Bartender's School: All about Responsible Consumption
    • Learn some of the key skills bartenders are taught: how to measure drinks accurately in order to track consumption, understanding the factors that influence the absorption of alcohol and intoxication levels, and how to prevent severe intoxication by following low risk consumption guidelines. This program says "Just Say Know" to help you making an informed decision about your alcohol consumption. 
  • WesSex
    • The Peer Health Advocates will share a ton of information on how to protect yourself and your partner(s) from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and how to create safer and healthier sexual relationships. 
  • Massage for Stress Relief    
    • Need a break? The Peer Health Advocates can teach your group how to do simple massage techniques for stress relief. Participants will give and receive massages with a friend. Note: This is a "hands-on" workshop and massage oils will be used to ease the massage process. Wear a shirt you don't mind getting oily and bring a towel to lay on. 
  • Getting Better Sleep
    • Sleep is critical for our physical and mental wellbeing, but is often the first thing to be sacrificed in a busy and demanding schedule. This presentation talks about ways to improve the quality of your sleep even if getting the quantity you want isn't possible at the moment, as well as some of the trends that contribute to our sleep-deprived culture. 
  • Healthy Relationships
    • Discuss the behavioral and emotional expectations for friendships, dating and intimate relationships.  Identify and discuss characteristics of healthy relationships and ways to handle difficult relationship issues.  Participants will have an opportunity to determine what they would do if they were confronted with various partner behaviors in a relationship. 
  • Sexual Assault - WE Speak WE Stand
    • This workshop will provide you with the skills to move from inaction to action and intervene safely and effectively.  Participants will leave with a basic understanding of the dynamics of sexual assault and demonstrate and practice effective ways to intervene with friends, fellow students and community members.  This is a supplemental workshop that covers the basics of sexual assault and bystander intervention and is not the full WE Speak WE Stand training.
  • Alcohol - WE Speak WE Stand
    • The goal of the workshop is to empower bystanders to intervene in high risk situations involving alcohol use. Participants will be equipped with the tools needed to intervene in situations involving alcohol and empowered to use those tools. Specifically, participants will learn how alcohol affects behavior and how to recognize an alcohol related medical emergency. This is a supplemental workshop that covers the basics of alcohol use and bystander intervention and is not the full WE Speak WE Stand training.
  • Stress Relief Practicum
    • College can be a time of great stress. Students may feel overwhelmed juggling academics, work, and social responsibilities.  In this workshop, different sources of stress will be identified and participants will learn how to manage stress and avoid burnout.  Participants will practice all of the following stress management techniques:  sleep hygiene improvement, laughter yoga, guided breathing and relaxation, and cultivation of gratitude.  Participants should all be asked to bring a yoga mat or towel to the workshop.
  • Mindfulness Practicum
    • During this workshop you will identify what mindfulness is and learn how to integrate it into your life.  You will learn various mindfulness practices while fostering a sense of community.
  • Supporting Survivors
    • Participants will come to understand the nature of sexual assault and rape culture while learning how to best support survivors and be able to identify resources.
  • Healthy Hook-ups
    • This workshop allows participants to explore enthusiastic consent techniques by fostering a safe and fun environment and encouraging verbal communication.
  • Me, Myself and Marijuana
    • Participants will: learn the physiological and psychoactive effects of marijuana, explore the positive and negative effects of marijuana use, learn the myths form the facts about marijuana, assess their own use, and be able to identify resources.   

Topics may be tailored to meet the needs of the audience. Additional time may be required to develop a program on a topic not listed above or for which an outside presenter is not available.  Just ask...we are happy to work with you!

Programming Considerations

When selecting a program topic for your audience, there are a few things to consider that may be helpful when discussing your request with the WesWell staff.  This will help make your program more responsive to the audience's needs and possibly draw a larger number of people to your event! Click on Programming Considerations to learn more.