WesWell Resource Room

The WesWell Resource Room, located at the Davison Health Center (off the parking lot entrance next to Malcolm X house) offers a collection of books, journals, periodicals, and brochures on various health and wellness issues. Our stock of free safer sex supplies are also located in the same room. 

Many students access the Resource Room for personal information, research for a project, or to help a friend or family member. The Library is open the same hours as Health Services, although WesWELL staff members are typically not present during evening and weekend hours. Contact WesWell to request an after-hours appointment. 


In addition to those materials listed in the Library Database, WesWell offers a wide variety of brochures and pamphlets which are available for the taking, whenever the office is open. These brochures cover a wide variety of health topics. Plus, unlike our other Library holdings, these materials do not need to be returned!  If larger quantities of any brochures are needed for a student event, please contact WesWell several weeks in advance to ensure availability.  

Feel free to drop in to the WesWell Resource Room, 1st floor of the Davison Health Center - entrance by Malcolm X House, to check out materials. Materials may be checked out for three weeks (or the end of the semester, which ever comes first).