ARTS 626
Landscape Photography/Cultural Geography

Marion Belanger         

Please Note:

Choice of photographer chosen from the list for the class presentation must be determined by 10/11. 
A 2-4-page response paper to a reading of your choice is due by 10/18.
A gallery/museum exhibition response paper is due by 11/29.

Course Schedule
September 13

Introduction: Course policies and expectations

Film, The Frontier Photographers 

Jackson, John Brinckerhoff: Discovering the Vernacular Landscape, Up to page 55, 85-87, 90-101.
Fox, William, Viewfinder: Mark Klett, Photography, and the Reinvention Of Landscape Chapter Two (packet) On reserve: John Szarkowski, American Landscape

Assignment: Expose one roll of film in and around your neighborhood. Pay special attention to vantage point - near and far, high and low.

September 20

The American Frontier and Photography

Discussion of reading and class-wide critique of neighborhood
Images from the past week.

Technical:         Depth of field (handout)

Sandweiss, pg. 1-14, 155-206. (packet)
Fox, Chapter Four  (packet)
Oliver Razec, Barbed Wire: A Political History, pg. 4-31. (packet)  

Assignment: Photograph a place where the geological and the man-made intersect. Pay attention to selective focus and depth of field. 

On reserve: Between Home and Heaven, Contemporary American Landscape Photography. National Museum of American Art

September 27


The Altered Landscape

Visuals: Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Frank Gohlke,
Bernd and Hilla Becher Joe Deal, Steve Smith

Jackson, 66-87
McPhee, John: Basin and Range to pg.86

Technical: Low-light photography.
See: Todd Hido

Reserve Books:
New Topographics, Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape, International Center of Photography
Travels in the American West, Photographs by Len Jenschel
Reinventing the West: the photographs of Ansel Adams and Robert Adams
From the Missouri West: photographs by Robert Adams

Assignment: Photograph a “disturbed landscape”.

October 4


The Altered Landscape (cont)

Visuals: Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Frank Gohlke
Steve Smith

McPhee, 87-216
Adams, Robert, Along Some Rivers

Reserve Books:
Travels in the American West, Photographs by Len Jenschel
Reinventing the West: the photographs of Ansel Adams and Robert Adams
Richard Misrach, Violent Legacies
Friedlander, Lee, The Desert Seen
Pfahl, John, A Distanced Land

Assignment: Photograph the built/industrial

October 11


Due:  8 images for critique (Group A)
Hand in choice of photographer for presentation by today.

October 18

Response Paper to Reading is due by Today.


Due:  8 images for critique  (Group B)

Oliver,Mary, Home (packet)
Smithson, Robert, A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey (packet)
Hiss, Tony, The Experience of Place (packet) 

Assignment: Begin to explore and photograph your final project subject

October 25

Place, Landscape, Self

Visuals: Family Business by Mitch Epstein
William Eggleston
Joann Walters: Midwest Pictures
Terry Evans

Jakle, John A. and Sculle, Keith A. Lots of Parking (packet)

Assignment: Final Project 

Class will meet at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library With George Miles, Curator, Western Americana Collection

November 1


Critique and discussion of final project

Reading: Packet: Alexander Wilson, The View from the Road: Recreation and Tourism
Wilson, From Reserve to Microenvironment: Nature Parks and Zoos
Lucy Lippard, On Rubbernecking

Assignment: Final Project

November 8


Reading: Packet: Chris Rojek, Indexing Dragging and The Social Construction of Tourist Sites

On reserve: Typologies: Nine Contemporary Photographers

Assignment: Final Project

November 15


Assignment: Final Project

November 29 Response Paper to an exhibition is due by today.
December 6

Final Critique

December 13

Final Critique