HUMS 640
Ethics and Aesthetics of the Spanish Civil War

Isolina Ballesteros               

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Mid-term oral report:  
Mid-term written report (2-3 pages):
Final paper (10 pages):
Visual Resources
Images to be studied for this course are available here:
Textual Resources
Course Packet (CP), available at Pip Printing, 179 Main Street, Middletown, (860) 344-9001;
George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia (1938);
Merce Rodoreda, Time of the Doves (1965);
Javier Cercas, Soldiers of Salamis (2001).
June 28 Introduction to the Course

"The Second Republic 1931-1936" and "The Military Rising" in Harry Browne (CP)
Please read these two essays in advance of the first meeting of class. 

June 29 War Chronicles

Caudillo: History of the Spanish Civil War by B. Martín Patiño (film)
"The Civil War (1936-1939)" by Luis Buñuel (CP)

June 30 Ethic/Aesthetic Engagement: Intellectuals and Artists on/and the Spanish Civil War

Cries from a Wounded Madrid: Poetry of the Spanish Civil War (selected poems) (CP)
"Spanish Civil War. Culture on the Battlefield" by Holguín (CP)

July 1 "The Internalization of the War;" "The Republic or the Revolution?;" "The Use of Terror" by Browne (CP)
"Under the Ridge" by Ernest Hemingway (CP)
Espoir/Sierra de Teruel (1939) by André Malraux (film excerpts)
July 6 Homage to Catalonia (1938) by George Orwell
Land and Freedom (1996) by Ken Loach (film)
July 7 Republican and National Posters of the Civil War (click here)
Mid Term Oral Reports
July 8 Guernica by Picasso; "The Meanings of Guernica" by Chipp (CP)
Photographs by Robert Cappa and Alberto Cantelles (click here)
Mid Term Oral Reports
July 9 Women Remembering War: Memory Texts by Women

"Women Remembering War" by Shirley Mangini (CP)
Libertarias (1995) by Vicente Aranda (film)

July 12 Time of Doves (1965) by Merce Rodoreda
La plaza del diamante (1982) by Françcesc Betriu (film adaptation)
Mid-term written report
July 13 El Caudillo: The Construction of the Myth

"The Discreet Charm of a Dictator: Francisco Franco" by Paul Preston (CP)
"Franco and Filmmakers: Critical Myths, Transparent Realities" by  G. Pingree (CP)
Raza (1942) by Rafael Saénz de Heredia (film with script written by Francisco Franco)

July 14 Nostalgia and Utopia: Vindicating Milicianos

Soldados de Salamina (2001) by Javier Cercas

July 15 Soldados de Salamina (2002) by David Trueba (film adaptation)
"Screening the Past: History and Nostalgia in Contemporary Spanish Film" by Morgan-Tamosunas (CP)

Final Paper