Community Partners

Allbritton Center is a one stop shop for any person or organization wanting to partner with Wesleyan. You contact any member of the Allbritton team and we will help you navigate campus, and make connections.

Wesleyan University partners with local organizations for a variety of opportunities and projects – long-term, short-term, academic, non-academic. The projects range from volunteering at a local school to analytical research.

Here is a sample of the volunteer programs we offer.

Here is a sample of service-learning courses.

Here is a sample of research projects and speakers.

Here is a sample of trainings.

Our team of directors meets regularly with community organizations, if you want to be included, please contact us. If you want to receive our weekly ENGAGE newsletter, please sign up here.

In addition to engaging in the local community, we want to encourage people to come to campus. Here is a listing of various resources available on campus – we encourage you to take advantage of them!