Digital Scholarship



Open Access publications are distributed through WesScholar.  Members of the Wesleyan community with print book or ebook distribution needs are invited to contact Wesleyan University Press. Through our North American warehouse, we provide full customer service, accounts payable, and stock management capabilities. Customers can pay by credit card via a toll-free phone number or over the web. Our distributors in the UK, Europe and Australia handle sales in the rest of the world. We distribute e-books to retailers through Ingram CoreSource, which serves over 160 electronic information providers including,, and Apple, while partnering primarily with Project Muse and ebrary to serve libraries. 


Members of the Wesleyan community with event marketing needs are invited to contact Communications. Members of the Wesleyan community with print book or ebook marketing needs are invited to contact Wesleyan University Press. We produce printed materials ranging from postcards advertising an individual book to annual catalogs highlighting a range of new publications. Increasingly, we also market directly via e-mail, and raise awareness of our published and distributed products through Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Press website offers a complete online catalog of our for-fee products while free-of-charge materials are accessible through WesScholar. We mount book displays at a range of disciplinary conferences annually, and work with external PR firms on special promotions when economically feasible.


In the networked environment, issues such as search engine optimization and electronic data interchange are particularly important. We update information about our for-fee products and use industry standard ONIX feeds to communicate with major vendors weekly. WesScholar is indexed by Google Scholar and select publications are also submitted regularly to library discovery tools and abstracting and indexing services to ensure high levels of usage and ever-increasing citation levels. We continuously form new relationships with indexers including Thomson Reuters, Elsevier Scopus, EBSCO, and ProQuest. See also our Tracking Your Impact page.