Digital Scholarship

Publishing at Wesleyan

Publishing at Wesleyan University is supported via a number of platforms and servicees, primarily: 

  • WesScholar, Wesleyan's Institutional Repository
  • Office of Communications
  • Cardinal Printing
  • Wesleyan University Press

Publications include peer-reviewed books and journals, as well as university web sites, event materials, MOOCs and course packs, as well as a wide range of informal publications such as faculty blogs, self-published text books, personal web pages, data sets, Learning Objects; and student publications, including theses, journals, blogs and chapter books.

There is a digital dimension to virtually all publishing today. Beyond the obvious electronic media—the music and movies we take for granted, the increasingly indispensable web, and eBooks—almost everything we read, even on paper, was produced digitally. This new digital world offers a steadily increasing number of choices, and it is changing nature of scholarly communication. 

In an effort to support the publishing activity of the Wesleyan community, we offer the information on this site: an overview of scholarly communication processes and topics, and links to further resources on campus and beyond.

WesScholar is the institutional repository and online publishing platform. It includes conference proceedings, digital collections of previously published scholarship, and student theses. Peer-review may occur, but is not required, and cost recovery is not a consideration. The projects published are all affiliated with faculty, staff, and students from Wesleyan. 

Office of Communications produces the Wesleyan magazine, The Wesleyan Connection newsletter, and a wide range of other publications for Wesleyan University. We offer extensive editorial and design services, and we will be happy to advise you about format, costs, mailing, or other questions you may have regarding your needs. The Communications office publishes the Wesleyan homepage and related pages, produces video about Wesleyan, and advises campus departments in the following areas:

  • web content and strategy
  • online promotions and campaigns
  • production of web video
  • HTML e-mail development
  • use of bulk e-mail systems
  • working with social media sites
  • online community administration

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New Media Lab (NML) provides technical digital media support for the Wesleyan University community.  The NML Web Team is responsible for the development and administration of academic and departmental web sites, maintenance of the university's content management system (Cascade), mobile technology development and research and testing of emerging technologies.  The NML Video Team provides video production and post-production services which include single and multicam video taping and editing services, motion graphic assistance, and maintenance of the university's video distribution channels such as the Wesleyan's YouTube Channel and iTunes U page.

Wesleyan University Press founded in 1957 and currently located at 215 Long Lane, publishes peer reviewed books. Its publishing program is directed by an Editorial Board of seven faculty members. Although about 10% of its authors, editors, and series editors are Wesleyan faculty and alumni, the Press primarily publishes work by other scholars in disciplinary fields that are aligned with the mission and emphases of the University. Overhead costs (including staffing) are partially covered through general funds received from the university, and the Press is charged with covering the remaining costs of overhead and costs of its publishing program through earned income. The Press publishes 25 books annually and publishes all of its titles in dual print and ebook editions. Wesleyan University Press titles are freely available to the campus community via ebooks that are donated to the Olin library collection.