Digital Scholarship

Getting Started

ITS provides a broad spectrum of resources for the creation and use of digital collections in teaching and research, including a variety of platforms for storing and accessing digital collections.  This section describes the decisions you should consider when starting a project, and explains the various resources appropriate for different types of digital collections.

Use Types of Digital Collections

Private and/or Shared Working Archive - longer-term storage of research data for use by faculty member and collaborators, a working archive (e.g., flexstorage, Google Drive, WesFiles, Dropbox, local hard drive)

  • Digital Preservation Archive - indefinite/permanent storage of institutionally-owned resources that are not actively used or accessed
  • Public Archivel - indefinite storage of any media type, publications, data, conference proceedings for public access (e.g., WesScholar, Flickr, WesFiles public folder)
  • Shared Institutional Archive - resources archived and searchable by campus community, but not the general public (e.g., ArtSTOR, subscription data or serials)
  • Platforms

ITS supports multiple platforms for archiving, storing, and serving out digital collections, some of which are provided directly by ITS using on-site resources and others that are provided via a hosted solution by an off-campus provider. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses and therefore it is important to consider the current and future use of your digital resources so that you can house them on the most appropriate platform.