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How to create a Budget Transfer

Finance-Inquiry Training 2024

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2023 Budget Planning Training

Wesleyan Reports - Budget vs Actual by Smartkey

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Budget Preparation Guide

Management of Externally Funded Grants

Management of Externally Funded Grants Table

Ledger Account Structure



Mastercard Benefits Guide

Reconciling a PCard Voucher (PCard Voucher Tips)

PCard Process Doc #1 – Reviewing charges in purchasing

PCard Process Doc #2 – Submitting a PCard voucher in WFS

Relating a PO to a PCard Transaction


Sanditz Travel Detailed User Guide

Sanditz Travel Quick Reference

Creating a Purchase Order

Vendor Lookup for PO's and Vouchers


Types of Smartdocs

Account Codes List

Voucher No Smartkey Access

Co-Sponsoring Events

Using Office Copiers to Scan

Using Office Copiers to Scan-Quick Instructions

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Department Numbers in Alpha Order

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SmartDocs and When to use them

Smart Doc Toolbar User Guide

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Smartdoc Workflow

Inserting an Ad Hoc Approver

Approval from an E-mail Link

Approving Using the Approval Inbox

Assign Proxy

Denied Voucher Comments

Enhanced Workflow


Voucher Entry Instructions

Original Receipts Retention Policy

Sample of Valid and Invalid Receipts

Vendor Lookup for PO's and Vouchers

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Copying a PO to a Regular Voucher

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