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Graduate Student Association-Sponsored Events Planning Guide

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) may engage an independent contractor (i.e. guest artist, performer, agent) for an on-campus or remote event. Wesleyan University does not allow independent contractors to perform without a completed contract, whether or not they are being paid.

  • Planning and Required Forms
    1. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) may contact an independent contractor (i.e. performer/agent) and begin gathering preliminary information for a proposed event. The GSA may not enter into a verbal agreement or commit to any specific arrangement with the independent contractor.

    2. The GSA will submit a Contract Request form to provide the preliminary event details to the Office of Graduate Student Services at least four weeks before the proposed date of the event.

    3. The GSA will collect the required W-9 form from the independent contractor and will send it to the Office of Graduate Student Services.

     Questions for the independent contractor:

    1. What is the address and social security number or the federal ID number of the organization?
      Independent contractors who are not US Citizens will need to provide proof of work eligibility prior to signing a contract.
    2. Are overnight accommodations required?
    3. How will they travel to Wesleyan (car, bus, train, plane)?
    4. Do the performers/guest artists have special dietary needs/restrictions?
    5. Does their contract contain any clauses or riders for which you will have to make arrangements ahead of time (such as ordering food, sound or light equipment)?
  • Reserve a Venue

    The GSA will reserve a Wesleyan space for the event using Room Request (EMS). The link is available in the Wesleyan portal.  An EMS reservation number is required on the Contract Request form.

    The GSA must comply with the policies and procedures of the event facility where the event will take place.

    More information about reserving a space.

  • Contracts

    Independent contractors may not perform or provide services on Wesleyan University grounds or through virtual means without a contract signed by the Wesleyan authorized signatory before the engagement date.

    1. The Office of Graduate Student Services will begin the formal contract process after receiving the  Contract Request form submitted by the GSA. 

    2. The Office of Graduate Student Services will contact the independent contractor to formally negotiate the terms of the event. Negotiations include but are not limited to: fee for serrvices, securing all outlined items in tech and hospitality riders, agreed upon honorarium, venue adjustments, performance duration, etc. 
    3. The Office of Graduate Student Services will prepare and send an Official Invitation to Perform to the independent contractor. 

    4. After the independent contract signs and returns the Official Invitation to Perform, the Office of Graduate Student Services will prepare Wesleyan's standard contract for guest performers.  The standard contract includes vendor and contractor insurance requirements.  The independent contractor may be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance.  Students may not act as the authorized signatory representing Wesleyan University for any contracts.

    5. Disclosure of citizenship and corresponding proof of work eligibility of the independent contractor and Certificate of Insurance (if required) must be received by the Office of Graduate Student Services prior to a Wesleyan approved signatory signing the contract.  
  • Payments
    1. Retroactive payments will not be made to independent contractors who have neglected to sign a Wesleyan University Contract prior to providing services for the Wesleyan community.

    2. Independent contractors who are non-Connecticut state residents may be subject to a 6.99% CT Athletes and Entertainers tax.

    3. Federal Non-Resident Aliens (non-US Citizens) may be subject to a 30% income tax depending on their country of residence’s tax treaty with the United States of America.

    4. The Office of Gradute Student Services will process payment to to the independent contractor after the event. 
  • Event Host Training
    The GSA must provide event hosts at each GSA-sponsored event.  GSA event hosts are responsible for maintaining a safe event environment.  The State of Connecticut, City of Middletown, and Wesleyan University have standards and policies that hosts must follow.  The Office of Graduate Student Services will provide training to GSA hosts.  Contact the Office of Graduate Student Services to schedule training.
  • Alcohol at GSA Events

    The GSA may use GSA funds toward the purchase of alcohol to be served at GSA-sponsored events. 

     The event must comply with the Wesleyan University Policy on Alcohol at Events

     The event must comply with the following guidelines:

    • A GSA officer must submit the Alcohol at Graduate Student Association Event form to the Director of Graduate Student Services at least five business days in advance of an event at which alcohol will be served.
    • The event must take place on university property, not including university graduate residences.
    • The event must be open to the graduate community and their guests.
    • The GSA must hire a licensed bartender to check IDs, serve alcohol, and monitor servings.
    • The GSA will obtain a copy of the bartender’s license.
    • The bartender may not consume alcohol during the event.
    • The alcohol must be limited to beer and wine.
    • Organizers should plan to have an appropriate amount of alcohol based upon the number of attendees of legal drinking age. As a guideline, responsible consumption is one standard drink per hour; a standard drink is 12 fl. oz. of regular beer, 5 fl. oz. of table wine.
    • Whenever alcohol is to be served, the hosts must provide ample food and non-alcoholic beverages.
    • The GSA will designate an event host(s) (number of event hosts is dependent on the size of the event) who will not consume alcohol during the event.
    • The GSA must submit an itemized receipt for the purchase of alcohol to the Office of Graduate Student Services in order to receive reimbursement.
    • Hard alcohol is prohibited.
    • BYOB is prohibited.

    Form: Alcohol at Graduate Student Association Event