Community Impact Residency Program at Wesleyan University 

The Community Impact Residency brings together Wesleyan students interested in the practice of civic engagement and a cross-section of community stakeholders – local leaders, resident-led groups, nonprofits, and municipal government – committed to creating just, equitable, and sustainable communities.

Student participants of this program enroll in two 1 credit courses (CSPL290 and CSPL291) and are assigned a project which they support for the duration of the academic year.  Students learn about the work of community partners and participate in select public events, while playing a critical role in supporting projects identified by community partners. Students attend regular class meetings where they participate in discussions about readings reflect on their residency experience, and engage guest speakers. This course is POI and requires that students participate in both the fall and spring sections of the course. A virtual “drop-in”/open house will be held on Friday September 2nd, 11:30am-12:15pm to (all who have requested POI will be forwarded a link to open house). All interested students must complete this application no later than September 5th (11:59pm) to be considered for enrollment. Space in the course is limited and enrollment decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Apply today!


Key Program Components

  • Participating students will be enrolled in a 1 credit course in the fall and spring semesters. In addition to supporting community partner projects, students will meet regularly with the larger cohort to participate in discussions about readings, reflect on their residency experience, and engage guest speakers. Students will be expected to dedicate a minimum of 8 hours per month to work on community partner projects.
  • See some projects supported by students here.

Student Expectations

  • Full engagement in class and “practice” component of the Community Impact Residency.
  • Students are expected to abide by principles of the Cardinal Community Commitment.
  • Students will share learnings at the Allbritton End of Year Open House.

The Community Impact Residency is coordinated by the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships, while CSPL290 and CSPL291 are taught by Clifton Watson, Director of the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships.


Students sitting and listening to a guest speaker.