Wesleyan University
Paper Bill Request Form

Wesleyan University has designated E-Billing as the official system for distributing Student Account Statements.  However, if a student or the person primarily responsible for paying student bills is unable to use the E-Billing system for a specific reason, please complete the Paper Bill Request below. 

If your circumstances are similar to the following examples, you may be eligible for an exemption:

  • Disability (of either the student or a family member who is responsible for the billing)
  • Lack of Internet access (for a family member or payer who is responsible for the billing)

Please note that simply preferring to receive paper bills is not considered reason enough to be converted to a manual, paper-billing process because you can print your own bills (if necessary).

To be considered for paper billing, please provide the following information and then click "Submit" to send it to Student Accounts.  The Student Accounts staff will review your request, and you will be notified via email within 5 business days whether or not you have been approved.  If your appeal is approved, you will begin to receive paper Student Account Statements mailed to your billing address.


Please provide the name and address of the person to whom a paper bill should be sent: