We are excited to pilot a College of Integrative Sciences micro grant program for CIS majors. It emulates the funding process researchers go through to acquire grants and is intended to facilitate your work as interdisciplinary scientists. The grants can be for up to about $200. For Spring 2024, we expect to award about 4 micro-grants through a competitive process.

Funding Examples

You can request funds to pay for:

  • research materials
  • travel to meetings, research sites, or meetings with collaborators
  • graduate school application fees
  • CIS cohort building events
  • CIS 321/322 action items
  • research expenses
  • conference fees
  • society memberships
  • or anything else you feel is appropriate

If you are awarded a micro grant, you will be expected to write a short paragraph report, with a relevant photo (e.g., at the meeting or event) once funds have been spent.

Application Requirements

To apply for a CIS micro grant, please email the following to scienceresearch@wesleyan.edu.

  1. A proposal: up to 1 page; providing background and motivating your request
  2. An expected budget, and a short budget narrative explaining in words how you came up with the values in your budget.

Applications will be evaluated based on impact, CIS applicability, connection to research, and interdisciplinarity. Applications are due on February 1, 2024. If funds are still available at that point, we will continue to accept requests.

Please contact Anika (adane@wesleyan.edu) with any questions.