Progression through the Linked Major

Meeting the requirements for the CIS Major can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on your foundational major and interdisciplenary interests. Below is a typical progression.

  • First and Second Year 
    All CIS majors should take CIS 221 and/or CIS 222 in their first or sophomore year. Typically, the summer research experience is fulfilled in the summer between sophomore and junior year.
  • Junior and Senior Year

    We encourage students to build on their summer experience with research credit in both semesters of junior year and to complete an honors thesis in senior year. At least two research credits are required. 

    All CIS majors must take the senior colloquium (CIS 321/322) in both semesters of their final year. Additionally, two journal clubs or seminars in two different disciplines are required. 

    The linked major requires two additional interdisciplinary electives, most often hosted outside the foundational major. These upper level courses are typically taken in junior and/or senior year. 

Pathways to CIS 

There are many established and emerging fields of study that lie at the intersection of two or more disciplines. Below are examples of pathways to completing the CIS major that include synergies across departments. These are merely ideas; each student's course of study is unique. The specific electives and seminars used to fulfill the CIS major requirements should be determined in consultation with the student's CIS linked-major advisor.