College of Integrative Sciences Fellows

A key component of the CIS experience is an emphasis on research, whereby students pursue novel modes of inquiry that lead to expertise in their fields of study beyond the classroom.  Accordingly, all CIS students are expected to spend at least one summer performing research, preferably the summer after their sophomore year, immediately following acceptance to the college. 

To support CIS student research, the CIS provides summer fellowships that emphasize interdisciplinary and integrative approaches.  Often, these research projects are driven by collaborative studies in emerging research areas that involve multiple scientific disciplines. The core goal of the CIS is to equip students with the creative and quantitative interdisciplinary skills to develop solutions for current global challenges.

Ideally, CIS fellows are jointly mentored by two faculty in complementing fields – for example, biology and physics.  Dual mentoring is not a requirement, but research must be interdisciplinary.  CIS fellowships encourage faculty and students to explore ways in which their research can benefit from combinations of fields.