Summer '14 Seminar Series

All seminars held at noon in 107 Shanklin*      





5 June

Candice Etson               Walt Research Group     Tufts University Watching Single Protein Molecules at Work on DNA

Ishita Mukerji

12 June

Brian Northrop         Department of Chemistry Wesleyan University
A Brief Tour of Chemical Nanoscience: What's So Special about Small?

Joe Knee

19 June 
John Johnson             Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Hot on the Trail of Warm Planets Orbiting Cool Stars

Meredith Hughes

26 June

Eric Dufresne                 School of Engineering and Applied Science
Yale University
Small, Sticky and Soft Greg Voth

3 July


No Seminar

10 July

Bryan Luikart           Department of Physiology & Neurobiology                 Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Understanding the Neurophysiological Basis of Autism Using Pten Genetic Models

Janice Naegele

17 July

Isla Castaneda       Department of Geosciences       University of MA, Amherst
What Lipid Biomarkers Can Tell us about Past Environmental Conditions on Earth

Suzanne O'Connell

18 July


Stephen Becker '05     IBM Watson Research Center Optimization for machine learning and compressed sensing

Francis Starr

24 July


Mark Tomishima               SKI Stem Cell Research Facility                           Sloan-Kettering Institute
Navigating Through Rough Waters to the Clinic: Stem Cell-based Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Laura Grabel

25 July


Eric Simon                       New England College From Biology to Textbooks

David Beveridge

31 July

*150 Exley

Petra Bonfert-Taylor         Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science     Wesleyan University
Mathematics in Medical Image Processing

Michael Weir