Summer '15 Seminar Series

All seminars held at noon in 58 Exley*      





4 June Mark Williams
Department of Physics
Northeastern University
“Single molecule DNA-protein interactions: From polymer elasticity to retroviral replication” Ishita Mukerji
11 June Corey O’Hern
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Yale University
“Self Assembly in the Macro-world”

Francis Starr

16 June


Kevin Corbett
Laboratory of Structural Biology
Univ. of California, San Diego
“Creative destruction: Disassembly of AD2 & HORMAD complexes regulates checkpoint signaling in mitosis and meiosis" Amy MacQueen

22 JUN


Christopher Weaver '76
Founder of Bethesda Softworks/Educator at MIT
Amplius Ludo: Beyond the Horizon”.  (i.e. “After Games”) Francis Starr

25 June

Audrey Lamb
Dept of Molecular Biosciences  
University of Kansas
“Breaking a pathogen’s iron will: inhibiting siderophore production as an antimicrobial strategy” Erika Taylor

2 July


Andrew Wells
Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics
University of Oxford
"When Ice Meets Ocean" Ellen Thomas

9   July

Kyle Smith
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Dartmouth College
"Brain Mechanisms of Habits" Mike Robinson

16 July

Michelle Personick
Department of Chemistry        
Wesleyan University
“When “Nano” is Large: The Science of Metal Nanomaterials" Brian Northrop

23 July


Andrew Gillis                       Department of Zoology    
University of Cambridge
“Gill arch serial homology and the origin of the jawed vertebrate bodyplan" Ann Burke
28 July
Kelly Thayer '04
Department of Chemistry
Vassar College
"Molecular Insights on Cancer Treatment from Computational Studies of p53" David Beveridge

30 July

*150 Exley

Greg Voth                           Department of Physics
Wesleyan University
“Experiencing Turbulence: How snowflakes, plankton, planetessimals, and airliners move in a turbulent fluid flow”

Francis Starr