Summer '17 Seminar Series

June seminars held at noon in 107 Shanklin
July seminars held at noon in 58 Exley





8 June 

Giovanna Bonadonna
Universita di Torino
"A Long Term Study on the Behavioral Ecology of Indri: Research and Conservation Projects in Madagascar."

Joyce Powzyk

15 June

Jay Farihi
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
University College London
"Exoplanetary Archaeology: The Fossil Record of Rocky Planetary Systems”

Seth Redfield

22 June

Dean Astumian
Professor of Physics
The University of Maine
"How molecular motors work–insights from the molecular machinist's toolbox: the Nobel prize in Chemistry 2016"

Brian Northrop

29 June


James Russell
Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Brown University
"Climate change and tropical mountain glaciers: a view from the geological record"

Ellen Thomas

6 July

Ece Karatan
Department of Biology
Appalachian State University
“Vibrio Cholerae Biofilm Formation” Erika Taylor

13 July 


Sandra Passchier
M.S. Earth and Environmental Science
Montclair State University
"The Geological Archive of Polar Ice Behavior in a Warmer Climate Extracted from Ocean Drillcores on Antarctica's Continental Margin"

Suzanne O'Connell

20 July Koleen McCrink
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Barnard University
“Spatial Biases in Childhood””  Hilary Barth

27 July 
150 Exley

Janice Naegele
Biology Department
Wesleyan University

"Reconstructing the damaged brain with neural stem cells—perspectives from electrophysiology, optogenetics and 3-D computer modeling"

Francis Starr