Publications in Print

American Prints 1880-1945, 1976. By Gail Davidson, et al. Exhibition organized by the Davison Art Collection and circulated by Art Resources of Connecticut (24 pp.; 5 ill.).

Aspects of Sculpture: The Paul Magriel Collection, 1985. By John T. Spike (104 pp.; 89 ill., 19 color, color cover ill.).

Atget's Churches, 1992. By Andrew Szegedy-Maszak (64 pp.; 54 ill., 50 duotone).

Natural and Pastoral Themes by Barbizon Printmakers, 1985. By Esther Thyssen. Exhibition organized by the Yale University Art Gallery and the Davison Art Collection (35 pp.; 7 ill.).

The Peter Boynton Collection of Scrimshaw and Other Artifacts,1976. By Arthur S. Wensinger. Published by the Friends of the Davison Art Center (20 pp.; 14 ill.).

British Art from the Collection of Robert and Helen Mandelbaum, 1978. By Jean C. Harris and Richard S. Field. Exhibition at the Davison Art Collection and Mount Holyoke College Art Museum (24 pp.; 2 ill.).

Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Eileen and Gerald Burke,1988. By Charles M. Young (14 pp.; cover ill.).

Chiaroscuro 1500-1800, 1993. By Marcie F. Slepian (48 pp.; 12 ill.).

China and the West: Moments of Interaction and Change 1830-1930,1989. By Phillip B. Wagoner. Exhibition organized by the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies (20 pp.; 13 ill.).

Chinese Revolutionary Woodcuts from the Picker Art Gallery, 1935-1948, 1984. By Lisa E. Rotondo (38 pp.; 83 ill.).

Collaboration: Printmaking Today, 1987. Edited by Ellen G. D'Oench, et al. (24 pp.; 13 ill., color cover ill.).

Comedy and Revolution: Satire from Hogarth to Daumier, 1981. By Lucia Iannone (24 pp.; 10 ill.).

José Luis Cuevas--Homage to Quevedo, 1990. By Peter Dunn, et al. (4 pp. brochure; 1 ill.).

Jim Dine's Raven, 1995. By Deborah I. Stutz (20 pp.; 9 ill., 3 duotone).

Jim Dine: The Photographs, so far, 2003. Catalog by Stephanie Wiles; essays by Andy Grundberg, Marco Livingstone, and Stephanie Wiles, with an interview by Jean-Luc Monterosso. Four clothbound volumes (Heliogravures; Digital Prints; Polaroids, Chromogenics and Silverprints; and Text) in slipcase. Published in conjunction with the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and Steidl Verlag (846 pp.; 292 duotone, 117 tritone, and 139 color ill.). (Book distributors and resellers may contact Steidl Verlag.)

The Fable of the Sick Lion: A Fifteenth Century Woodblock, 1974. By Richard S. Field (111 pp.; 21 ill.).

Friends of the Davison Art Center: Acquisitions 1962-1988, 1989. By Ellen G. D'Oench and Richard H. Wood (72 pp.; 96 ill.).

The Prints of Richard Hamilton, 1973. By Richard S. Field (63 pp.; 41 ill.).

Northern Light: Photographs by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson from the University of St. Andrews Library, 2003. Norman Reid, Graham Smith, and Stephanie Wiles, with an introduction by Andrew Szegedy-Maszak 64 pp.; 22 ill.).

Marine Prints by Phillip Kappel, 1979. Catalog raisonné by Richard S. Field and Elton W. Hall (40 pp.; 10 ill.).

André Kertész: Photographs, 1976. Foreword by Richard S. Field. Introduction by Andrew Szegedy-Maszak (16 pp.; 11 ill.).

Portraits of Native Americans by W. Langdon Kihn, 1920-1937, 1983. By Margot Guralnick (28 pp.; 15 ill.).

Oskar Kokoschka: Literary and Graphic Works 1906-1923, 1977. Introduction by Jaroslaw Leshko. Exhibition organized and circulated by the Davison Art Collection (86 pp.; 14 ill.).

Sylvia Plimack Mangold: Works on Paper, 1968-1991, 1992. By Ellen G. D'Oench and Hilarie Faberman. Co-published by the Davison Art Collection and the University of Michigan Museum of Art (144 pp.; 108 ill., 50 color).

Masterpieces of Photography from Wesleyan and Private Collections, 1982. By Ellen G. D'Oench and Andrew Szegedy-Maszak (31 pp.; 18 ill.).

More Vivid Places: Victorian Photographs of Britain, the Middle East, and the Orient, 1984. Edited by Ellen G. D'Oench (31 pp.; 27 ill.).

Multiple Memories: Collaborations in American Printmaking, 1991. By David A. Greene (22 pp.; 16 ill.).

Phillip Pearlstein: Prints, Drawings, Paintings, 1979. By Richard S. Field (32 pp.; 16 ill.).

Prints and Drawings by Joseph Pennell, 1979. By Jane F. Allinson (25 pp., cover ill.).

Performing Images, Embodying Race: The Orientalized Body in Early 20th-Century U.S. Performance and Visual Culture, 2003. By Robert C. Lancefield (6 pp. brochure; 43 small color ill., including many in montage or on covers).

Personal Recollections: Gifts from Robert Dannin & Jolie Stahl, 2015. With an interview with Robert Dannin & Jolie Stahl, conducted by Clare Rogan, and an exhibition checklist (6 pp. brochure; 5 color ill.).

Counting on Chance: 25 Years of Artists' Books by Robin Price, Publisher, 2010. Essay by Betty Bright, interview with Robin Price by Suzy Taraba, complete list by Rutherford W. Witthus of Price's works from 1984 into early 2010 (144 pp.; 189  ill., 140 color; paper covers with random selection of different designs).

Prodigal Son Narratives 1480-1980, 1995. By Ellen G. D'Oench for an exhibition organized by the Yale University Art Gallery and the Davison Art Collection (40 pp.; 57 ill.).

Oral Fixations: Drawings by Julia Randall, 2014. With an essay by Barbara Pollack and a fully illustrated checklist (48 pp.; 81 color ill.).

Judith Joy Ross: Photographs, 2009. With an essay by Clare Rogan and an exhibition checklist (6 pp. brochure; 8 ill.).

Destruction and Destiny: The Photographs of A.J. Russell, Directing American Energy in War and Peace, 1862-1869, 1988. By Thomas Weston Fels; exhibition organized and circulated by the Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts (32 pp.; 12 ill.).

Second State: The New Painter-Printmaker, 1990. Brochure by David A. Greene. Artists include Bartlett, Bosman, Chase, Fischl, Paladino, Rothenberg, and Salle (6 pp. brochure; 7 ill., color cover ill.).

The Prints of Armand Seguin, 1980. Catalog raisonné by Richard S. Field, et al. (84 pp.; fully illustrated).

Sesquicentennial Papers, Vol. II--Five Hundred Years of Master Prints in the Davison Art Center Collection, 1981. By Ellen G. D'Oench, in conjunction with a Wesleyan University Sesquicentennial Exhibition (30 pp.; 11 ill.)

Robert F. Sheehan: Color Photography 1948-1958, 1987. By Ellen G. D'Oench. Exhibition organized by the Davison Art Collection and circulated by the New England Foundation for the Arts (70 pp.; 32 ill., 16 color, color cover ill.).

Keiji Shinohara: Color Harmony, 2007. By Clare I. Rogan (48 pp.; 69 color ill.).

Luther Gregg Sullivan Drawings, 1990. By John Frazer (24 pp.; 15 ill., color cover ill.).

Thirty Years at Universal Limited Art Editions: The Peter and Susan Ralston Collection, 1992. By Stephen J. Lucey (32 pp.; 10 ill.).

Gian Domenico Tiepolo and the Flight into Egypt, 1988. By Elise K. Kenney. Exhibition organized by the Davison Art Collection and the Yale University Art Gallery (48 pp.; 29 ill.).

Dancers: Photographs by Philip Trager, 1992. Foreword by Bill T. Jones (159 pp.; 81 ill.).

Philip Trager: Faces, 2005. Published by Steidl Publishing with the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College and the Davison Art Collection (124 pp.; 48 ill.).

A Cultivated Taste: Whistler and American Print Collectors, 1983. By M. Lee Wiehl (44 pp.; 17 ill.).

James McNeill Whistler & the Etching Revival, 1999. Edited by Stephanie Wiles; catalog by Aaron Fox and Katherine Sanderson, both B.A. Wesleyan 2000 (48 pp.; 16 ill.).

Women of the World War One Poster, 1982. By Peter C. Frank (39 pp.; 13 ill.).


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