Japanese Prints

The Davison Art Center has some 600 ukiyo-e Japanese color woodcuts, including prints by Hiroshige, Hokusai, Kunisada, Toyokuni, and Utamaro. Also in the collection is a smaller number of prints by 20th-century Japanese artists.

Zoomable images of selected Japanese woodcuts from the DAC collection are featured in an online "learning object" developed collaboratively at Wesleyan to help students, collectors, and researchers better understand Ukiyo-e Techniques.

17th-Century Japanese Prints

17th-century Japanese prints include five color woodcuts by Moronobu Hishikawa.

18th-Century Japanese Prints

18th-century Japanese prints include works by Bunchô Kishi; Bunkyu Sakura; Eisen Keisai; Harunobu Suzuki; Kaigetsudo Dohan; Kiyohiro Torii; Kiyomitsu Torii; Kiyonaga Torii; Kiyonobu Torii; Koryûsai Isoda; Masanobu Kitao; Masanobu Okumura; Shinsai Masayuki; Shunchô Katsukawa; Shunko Katsukawa; Shunsen Katsukawa; Shunshô Katsukawa; Shunzan Katsukawa; Sukenobu Ishigawa; Sukenobu Nishikawa; and Utamaro Kitagawa.

19th-Century Japanese Prints

The collection includes over 130 color woodcuts by Hiroshige Utagawa and 26 by Hokusai Katsushika. Many of these ukiyo-e works are from series of views along the Tokaido, of Mount Fuji, or of Edo (as Tokyo was called at the time); also among them are prints from the Senichi Edition of Hiroshige's Ronin series of scenes from Chikamatsu's play Chushingura. Along with prints from major series by Hiroshige and Hokusai, the DAC Collection includes 19th-century ukiyo-e woodcuts by artists including Eizan Kikukawa; Kunichika Toyohara; Kunisada Utagawa; Kuniyoshi Utagawa; Shigenobu Yanagawa; Shun'ei Katsukawa; Toyohiro Utagawa; Toyokuni Utagawa; Yoshikazu; Yoshinobu Yamato; Yoshisada; and Yoshitoro, among others.

Modern Japanese Prints

Print holdings by 20th-century Japanese artists include a color lithograph by Abe Nobuya, three color prints by Hagiwara Hideo, one color mezzotint by Hamaguchi Yozo, three color woodcuts by Kawano Kaoru, two lithographs by Kuniyoshi Yasuo, thirteen color woodcuts by Saito Kiyoshi, and five color woodcuts by Sekino Jun'ichiro. Other artists represented include Fukui Ryonosuke, Inagaki Tomo, Matsumoto Akira, Matsutani Takesada, Noma Yoshiko, Ueno Nagao, and Yoshida Hodaka. Also in the collection are several works by Keiji Shinohara, who was born in Japan and now teaches at Wesleyan.

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