Searching DAC Resources

There are three ways to search online for DAC resources.

Search for information about art objects in the DAC collection

Information about objects in the DAC collection is searchable online, with zoomable, high-resolution digital images of more than 5,000 objects which have been photographed to date as part of ongoing digital imaging work.

Search the DAC Collection

Search for book holdings in the DAC Print Reference Library

All books and periodicals in the DAC Print Reference Library are cataloged in the Wesleyan Library catalog online. To limit your search there to Print Reference Library holdings, specify "Davison Art Center Print Reference" from the "Location" popup on the search page.

Search the Print Reference Library

Search for general information on these DAC web pages

To search for general Davison Art Center web pages, please use the general Wesleyan search box at the top right of this page, and after your search terms add to limit your search to DAC pages.

Searching in that way will take you away from this DAC web page. Your browser's "Back" button can return you to it.

Tips for using the box above:

  • Capitalization doesn't matter: searches for Rembrandt and rembrandt yield the same results
  • Diacritics don't matter: a search for Dürer or Durer finds "Dürer"
  • Quotation marks limit a search to a phrase: a search for "wood engraving" omits pages that have those two words but not in that precise order
  • "-" before a term omits pages that contain it: a search for etching -Goya finds pages that have the word "etching" but not those that also have "Goya"

General searches of DAC web pages are performed by Google search.
A Google help page offers more general searching tips.