Press Information

This page leads to press releases for DAC exhibitions currently or soon to be on view. The link below, if any, leads to a PDF file containing text and images. Please note that downloading a release over a slow Internet connection will take some time.

(No press release is currently available.)

PDF files may be viewed with Adobe Reader or other software which may already be on your computer. Once the PDF file is open, the press release's text may be copied by using Reader's "Edit" menu to (1) "Select All" and then (2) "Copy" the text, which then may be pasted into a word processor document for published use in connection with the exhibition it concerns (depending on the software you use to do this, the text may need formatting corrections). Downloading the PDF and then opening it with Adobe Reader or Acrobat (rather than viewing it in your browser with a plug-in) can afford the most flexibility.

Adobe Reader is available free of charge from an Adobe download page. DAC press release images are most accurate if tagged after export as sRGB (for color images) or Grayscale Gamma 2.2 (for grayscale images). Compatible with Acrobat and Reader versions 9 and later, DAC press releases are password-protected against alteration but allow text and image export.