17th to 18th-century European Prints

Marguerite Gérard (French, 1761-1837) To the Genius of Franklin, 1770, etching in brown ink after Jean-Honoré Fragonard; state ii/ii, plate 516 x 384 mm.

Marguerite Gérard (French, 1761-1837), To the Genius of Franklin, 1770, etching in brown ink after Jean-Honoré Fragonard; state ii/ii, plate 516 x 384 mm.

The DAC's holdings of later 17th- and 18th-century prints are notable for works by English and French printmakers, and by Italian artists such as Piranesi. A few of the the printmakers represented are Bewick, Blake, Bol, Bosse, Callot, Canal, Cozens, Fragonard, Gainsborough, Gillray, Hogarth, Hollar, Jegher, Mellan, van Ostade, Ploos van Amstel, J.R. Smith, Stubbs, Tempesta, G.B. Tiepolo, G.D. Tiepolo, Van Dyck, van de Velde, Visscher, and Watteau.

Printmakers Represented, 1630-1800

Holdings of European prints from roughly 1630-1800 include works by Jean Audran; P.-A. Aveline; Cornelis Bega; Stefano della Bella; Jacques Bellange; Bernardo Bellotto; Nicolaes Berchem; Claes van Beresteyn; Thomas Bewick; William Blake; Hans Bol; Abraham Bosse; Andries Both; Sébastien Bourdon; Jacques Callot; Antonio Canal (Canaletto); Laurent Cars; Fréderic Cazenave; Daniel Chodowiecki; Claude of Lorrain; Charles-Nicolas Cochin, Younger; Alexander Cozens; Jean Daullé; Philibert-Louis Debucourt; Nicolas Delaunay; Charles Melchior Descourtis; Pierre Drevet; Cornelis Dusart; Richard Earlom; Gérard Edelinck; Jeremias Falck; John Flaxman; Charles-Joseph Flipart; Jean-Honoré Fragonard; Thomas Gainsborough; C.-E. Gaucher; Claude Gillot; James Gillray; Marguerite Gérard; Valentine Green; William Hogarth; Wenceslaus Hollar; Christoffel Jegher; Jacob Jordaens; Jean Le Pautre; Jean-Baptiste Le Prince; J.-E. Liotard; Janus Lutma; Claude Mellan; Jean Morin; Pierre-Etienne Moitte; J.-M. Moreau le jeune; Gilles Neyts; Adrian Janzoon van Ostade; William Pether; Bernard Picart; Ploos van Amstel; Paulus Potter; Constantyn Renesse; Guido Reni; Jusepe de Ribera; Hubert Robert; A. Pieter Rodermont; Geertruydt Roghman; Salvator Rosa; Thomas Rowlandson; Jacob Van Ruisdael; Prince Ruprecht von der Pfalz; Johann Sadeler; Augustin and Gabriel de Saint-Aubin; Israel Silvestre; J.-B. Simonet; John Smith; John Raphael Smith; Pieter Soutman; George Stubbs; Herman van Swanevelt; Antonio Tempesta; David Teniers, Younger; Pietro Testa; Giovanni Battista Tiepolo; Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo; J.-B. Tilliard; Lodewyck de Vadder; Wallerant Vaillant; Anthony Van Dyck; Adriaen van de Velde; Jan van de Velde ; Dirick Vellert; Adriaen Verboom; Cornelis Visscher; Simon de Vlieger; Jan Joris van Vliet; Bernhard Vogel; Lucas Vorsterman; Anthonie Waterloo; Antoine Watteau; Thomas Wijck; Johann Georg Wille; and Reynier Nooms Zeeman.

Prints by William Hogarth

The seventy prints by William Hogarth (English, 1697-1764) in the collection include many images from series such as A Rake's Progress.

Prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi

George Davison collected a group of 33 albums in which had been inserted about hundreds of prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian, 1720-1778). These constitute the nearly complete etchings of this master of Roman views and subjects of classical antiquity. Now in the Davison Art Collection, this group includes a set of Piranesi's most famous works, the Carceri or imaginary prisons.

Prints by Francisco de Goya

The DAC's strong holdings of more than 200 prints by Francisco de Goya include almost all of the artist's work in print media. These include the sets of the Caprichos in the first edition, Disasters of War, the etched Bullfights (Tauromaquia), and the Proverbs, as well as less-often encountered prints. The collection's greatest rarity is Goya's late lithograph, Portrait of Gaulon. Existing in only two other impressions (in Paris and Madrid), this print was discovered in 1957 in an album of French lithographs stored in the attic of Wesleyan's Olin Library.

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