Jim Dine Photographs

Thursday August 31, 2000 - Wednesday October 11, 2000
Jim Dine Photographs

Jim Dine, Berlin as It Was in Winter (photogravure, 1996; © Jim Dine)

Organized by the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, this touring exhibition presented photogravures and digital ink jet prints by the acclaimed artist Jim Dine. Dine began making photographs in 1996. Like the paintbrush or the etching needle, the camera is a tool that allows him to explore images in new ways.

Dine's photogravures use a copper-plate printing process that begins with a traditionally made negative. They are beautifully printed with rich surface tone and texture achieved through a direct printing process akin to traditional etching. Many of the images are related to those Dine explores in his paintings and graphic works, and include portraiture and objects photographed with the intention of making them seem to come alive.

The exhibition also included computer-manipulated ink jet prints. Dine has chosen two distinctly different photographic processes--developed a century apart--to construct and reassemble his expressive compositions.

Jim Dine Prints and Photogravures from the DAC Collection

This exhibition of prints and photogravures from the Davison Art Center Collection complemented the touring exhibition of the artist's photographs also on view. The DAC Collection includes approximately 150 Dine prints dating from 1965 to the present, and in 2000 the artist gave 213 photogravures to the DAC in honor of his close friend John R. Jakobson (B.A. Wesleyan 1952, LL.D. 1989, Trustee Emeritus).