Anni Albers: Works on Paper from The Albers Foundation

Tuesday September 4, 2001 - Sunday November 4, 2001
Anni Albers: Works on Paper from The Albers Foundation

Red Meander, 1969; screenprint; Collection of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

The German-born artist Anni Albers (1899-1994) studied art at the Bauhaus, where she met her future husband Josef Albers (1888-1976). In 1933, the year the Nazis closed the Bauhaus, the couple came to the United States to teach at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. When Josef Albers accepted an appointment at Yale University, they moved to Connecticut.

Anni Albers dedicated her early years in Connecticut to experimenting with weavings and textile design. In 1963 she accompanied her husband to a Tamarind workshop and worked for the first time with print media. By 1970 she had given away her loom and had begun to concentrate entirely on graphic art.

The DAC exhibition coincided with the publication of Anni Albers, Selected Writings on Design, by Wesleyan University Press. The book has a foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber, director of The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, and is edited by Brenda Danilowitz, curator of The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

Tuesday 4 September - Sunday 4 November 2001

Brenda Danilowitz, curator of the Albers Foundation, gave a gallery talk at 5:00 p.m. on Friday 7 September 2001.