Single Impressions: Monotypes and Monoprints

Tuesday January 25, 2005 - Thursday March 3, 2005

An artist produces a monotype by painting or drawing on an unworked flat surface such as metal or Plexiglas, transferring the image through pressure onto paper. Because most of the image is transferred, only a unique, single impression results, hence the term "monotype." In the monoprint process, the artist incises or etches a design into the surface, creating a matrix on which the hand-painting is applied.

Single Impressions focused on the resurgence of interest in these processes among contemporary artists. As seen in the works which were on view, many artists find that the monotype and monoprint are variable ways to approach printmaking, often yielding up unforeseen surprises in images of which no two are alike. The exhibition included works by Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Michael Mazur, Yvonne Jacquette, and ten other artists.