American Document: Barbara Morgan Dance Photographs

Tuesday September 6, 2005 - Friday October 14, 2005
American Document: Barbara Morgan Dance Photographs

Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham--Letter to the World (kick), 1940; gift of Lloyd B. Morgan, 1986. © Barbara Morgan, The Barbara Morgan Archive (photo: Landis)

In 1935, American artist and photographer Barbara Morgan (1900-1992) began a collaboration with the legendary dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. With precise lighting and immaculate timing, Morgan sought to distill modern dance into iconic images. This exhibition of more than 40 photographs from the DAC collection, including images of José Limón, Doris Humphrey, Pearl Primus, Valerie Bettis, and Erick Hawkins, celebrated Morgan's vision of the most evanescent art--dance.

Kim Root, visiting assistant professor of dance, and Clare Rogan, DAC curator, gave a gallery talk on Friday 16 September at noon. A reception followed. This event was open to the public free of charge.

On Saturday 10 September, the gallery remained open for extended hours until 6:00 p.m. in connection with the Middletown Dances! event held at Wesleyan's Center for the Arts and elsewhere in Middletown.