Officer Matthews

Name: Mary-Ann Matthews

Rank/Position: Officer

Hometown: Wallingford, CT

Experience: Matthews ran through a diverse work history, including time as a field hockey coach, before beginning her 9 years at Wesleyan. She has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelors in Criminology, and a Minor in Sociology. She also attended the Fairfield University Public Safety Academy.

Why Wes?: Matthews had many different job offerings aside from Wesleyan, but when her wife—a career counselor—told her she would be making a mistake not choosing Wesleyan, Matthews joined the Wesleyan community. She immediately fell in love with the community and is happy she listened. Her favorite part about her job is helping the students and interacting with them on a human-to-human level, as opposed to officer-student relations. With her time here, she hopes to engage in making a more positive atmosphere by defining a better vision of who the officers are on this campus. She sees herself not as just an officer, but a big sister. At home, she has two sons, while here, she acts instead with 3,000+ children.  On duty, she acts not as a robotic officer, but responds in the way she would want someone to respond to her kids.

Genres: Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting; Rudy. Favorite music: Pink Floyd; Guns’n’Roses; Fish

Favorite restaurant: Michael’s Trattoria