Name: Val Walker

Rank/Position: Dispatcher

Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

Experience: Val Walker has a 20-year performance record in the field, working in positions with the Department of Corrections (with a degree in drug and alcohol counseling), juvenile detention in Hartford, and the Department of Education in New Britain as a security officer. She then moved on to care for Wesleyan for approximately a year and a half. Aside from her security training, she also is trained in dealing with Title IX investigations.

Why Wes?: “Why not?”. Walker says that she is always up for a good challenge. Having worked with teenagers before, she expressed interest in working with the next age group for a different work experience. She loves being with the students throughout their residences, and typically engages in conversation whenever she can. Her personal goal is to become a more community oriented worker, and to promote a new direction in Public Safety-Student relations and increase empathy. She views herself as “Mom to 3000 kids”.

Genres: Favorite movie: The Princess Bride (she has a tattoo saying “As You Wish”). Favorite music: Metal

Favorite restaurant: Mondo Pizza