Drug and Alcohol Policy

The University prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and/or alcohol by students or by employees on University property or while participating in any University-sponsored activity. The University will impose disciplinary sanctions on students and employees who violate these standards.

Student sanctions may include disciplinary warning, disciplinary probation, community service hours, suspension, or dismissal.  The University may also require that the student have an AOD (alcohol or other drug) assessment through the Counseling and Psychological Services Office. Whenever a student is in violation of a city ordinance or has committed a crime related to alcohol and/or drugs they are additionally subject to law enforcement as well.

Employee sanctions include, in ascending order of severity: warning, reprimand, probation, suspension [with or without pay], and termination of employment. Participation in a rehabilitation program outside of the University may be required. Whenever an employee has violated one of the standards, Wesleyan will consider, as with students, referral of the matter to law enforcement officials for prosecution.

Employees must notify the Director of the Office of Human Resources of any criminal drug-statute conviction for a violation occurring in the work place no later than five days after such conviction.

Detailed information pertaining to the University’s drug and alcohol policy and a description of available training programs can be found in the Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook,or the Administrative Handbook.