Emergency Planning and Procedures

The Office of Public Safety works closely with other offices on campus to provide the best possible response to any emergency situation. Planning and preparedness is the cornerstone to successfully responding to a crisis situation. The university has established an emergency response team (ERT).  This team consists of a broad representation of offices and senior staff that are considered essential personnel during a crisis situation.  This team can be quickly activated for responding to emergency incidents. The team is involved from the onset of an emergency through the recovery phase of a major incident.

The team meets several times each year to discuss preparedness capabilities, review emergency response plans and to update the campus business continuity plan.

Examples of emergency situations include law enforcement emergencies including active shooter, medical emergencies, fire related emergencies (including explosions) and environmental health and safety emergencies including chemical spills and leaks.

The team also reviews conditions such as weather impacts, power outages and long-term interruption of IT services that could adversely affect the campus.

Information on how to respond to an emergency on campus can be found in the following attachment HERE.

Comments, questions and suggestions regarding emergency preparedness at Wesleyan can be directed to Public Safety Director Scott Rohde  srohde@wesleyan.edu