Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I register multiple vehicles? How do I do so?
    Yes, you can register multiple vehicles to one hang tag.  When you are on the Vehicle page, click on “Save”
    after you finish entering your first vehicles information.  Then click on “Add New Vehicle”, fill out the
    info on the 2nd vehicle and then click “Save”.  When all vehicles are entered, click “Save” again
    and then click “Continue”.
  • I forgot to add a vehicle or need to change/update/correct information that has already been submitted. What do I do?

    Email with Registration Update and your name as the Subject. 

    If you are adding a vehicle, we will need the same info on the vehicle as you filled out online:  Make, Model, State, Plate #, Plate Type, Color and Year.  Type is optional and we will add you as the Owner. 

    If you need to change/update/correct information, put the correct info in the email body and we will update the information in the Registration database. 

    If you put the incorrect address (ie home address or WesBox instead of your campus address), we will take care of it as we enter the info into the database since we use that address information to determine where you will be parking and verify it.

  • How do I know when my Permit is ready? Do I need to pick it up?

    Faculty, staff and grad student permits will be mailed to your campus department.  Undergrad students, guests, visitors, vendors and contractors can pick up their permits at 208 High Street (Public Safety) 24/7 once they are completed.  Permits are typically processed within 48 hours.


  • When does ticketing start?
    Ticketing is always in effect.  As long as a student is parked correctly in a student parking area, they will not be ticketed solely for not being registered until Sept. 19th, 2022. 
    Any student who is parked in violation to any of the other Regulations (other than not having a permit displayed), will be ticketed.  This includes (but isn't limited to) students in Faculty/Staff lots, parking along curbing, on grass/sidewalks, in fire lanes, blocking dumpsters, in Handicap spaces with out a permit, etc.
  • I have special parking needs due to work, medical or other conditions. What do I do?
    There should be a Notes/Comments field that you can fill out when registering where you can indicate what you need.  Also, you can email and explain what you are looking for.    The new system allows for us to input any special notes into the registration database so we can figure out a solution that works for everyone.  Please note that this process takes a little bit longer as we will reach out to you to come up with a plan before we send the permit out, but the process is delayed until we work out the access needed.  We will work with you if you receive tickets while waiting for the permit.