Theater Department

Fall 2016 Faculty Production

Summertime, by Charles L. Mee
Directed by Visiting Associate Professor of Theater Kim Weild 
CFA Theater
November 2016
Thursday 17th - Saturday 19th at 8pm; Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th at 2pm

“…life has no plot, you only think it does.”

Charles Mee’s pulsating romantic comedy Summertime (2000) weaves together elements of William Shakespeare, Molière, René Magritte, and more to tell a story of love about man, a woman, her mother, her boyfriend, her husband, his lover, their friends, and a pizza boy. Using heightened lyric language, music, and big dances, he creates a complex emotional landscape as he asks: In the end is how we treat one another, all that really matters?

Tickets avaliable online or in person at the box office.

Fall 2016 Acting Capstone

An Acting Capstone created by, Jess Wolinsky '17
Directed by Emma Pasarow '18
'92 Patricelli Theater
December 2016
Thursday 8th at 7pm; Friday 9th at 7pm and 9pm

THE SELF is an exploration in perorming one's own life. A seven-person ensemble will tell personal stories. Together, from those stories, we will reveal what lies beneath our everydaya true sense of self.

Information about the Spring 2017 Faculty Production coming soon.