Organic-Inorganic Chemistry Seminars, Spring 2024
Coordinated by Dr. Brian Northrop, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars held on Thursday at 12:00 p.m. in Hall-Atwater 84
CHEM 558





February 22 Viki Miseljic  Northrop Lab  Phenazine-Based Aggregation Induced Emission Materials
March 7  Jessa Zovinka  Elling Lab   Polyester Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide and Terminal Alkyne-Baring Monomers
April 4 Kaylah Medvec  Calter Lab  The Design of Novel, Selective EIF4A3 Inhibitors
April 18  Jeremy Kim  Elling Lab  The Synthesis and Polymerization of Benzene Dioxides
May 2 Libby Dickerson  Westmoreland Lab  An Era of Colorful Confusion: Exploring Cobalt Amide Complexes as Contrast Agents