Information for First Year Students

Depending on their background, students in Chemistry usually start with one of several courses: General Chemistry (CHEM141), Principles of Chemistry (CHEM143 or CHEM144), or Principles of Organic Chemistry (CHEM251). The following flow chart serves as a general guide for selecting your entry point into Chemistry.

Chemistry Selection Flow Chart

General Chemistry Tracks

Trying to decide between CHEM141/142 and CHEM143/144? A more detailed overview of the differences can be found in the Comparison of Two Introductory Chemistry Sequences. Feel free to contact Prof. Davis (Introductory Chemistry) or Prof. Smith (Principles of Chemistry) for more guidance.

Advanced Placement

If you have taken AP/IB Chemistry exams, see the Advanced Placement Guidelines and/or consult with Prof. Smith (Principles of Chemistry) and Prof. Northrop (Principles of Organic Chemistry) to help you decide among the options for courses/credit.