Annual Merit Salary Increases

Except in periods of economic difficulties, Wesleyan University generally provides annual merit increases for employees. The amount of the individual merit increase, if any, is determined by the following key factors:

  • Guidelines for employees determined by the President and the Cabinet;
  • Recommendations by supervisor/department head;
  • Amounts of increases will be prorated for employees who were hired within the current fiscal year in accordance with the following guidelines:
    • Salary increases for employees hired between July 1st and March 30th will be prorated by the portion of the fiscal year worked and based upon the month hired. For example, an employee hired in July will be eligible for 100% of the salary guideline but an employee hired in August will normally be eligible for 11/12 of the salary guideline.
    • Employees hired between April 1st and June 30th of the fiscal year will not be eligible for a salary increase in the year in which they were hired.
    • Nothing contained in this handbook including but not limited to the preceding sections should be in any way interpreted to require the University to pay salary increases to any employee, and any such promise or representation expressed or implied is hereby expressly disclaimed.