Unpaid Leaves

An employee who wishes to request an unpaid personal leave must make that request in writing to their supervisor. These leaves are rare and are evaluated individually. Consideration is given to:

  • The compelling nature of the circumstances; 
  • Length of service; and 
  • Departmental staffing needs. 

Personal leaves are subject to approval by Human Resources. 

Benefits Coverage during Unpaid Leave

During unpaid leaves, Wesleyan University does not make pension contributions and vacation time does not accrue. Benefits coverage continues as outlined in our underlying summary plan descriptions and policies while an employee is on unpaid leave as long as the employee makes arrangements for their portion of the benefits cost while they are out.  Options include direct billing through Group Dynamics, Inc. (post-tax basis) or double deductions upon the employee’s return (pre-tax basis).  Please contact benefits@wesleyan.edu to make payment arrangements while on unpaid leave.

Staff members are eligible for all state- and federally-mandated leaves of absence, including: 

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Read the complete information regarding FMLA.

Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act (CFMLA)

Wesleyan University recognizes that employees may need to be absent from work for an extended period for family and/or medical reasons and will grant time off to employees in accordance with the requirements of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (Fed-FMLA) and the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act (CFMLA). When both the Fed-FMLA and CFMLA apply, the leave provided by each will count against the employee's entitlement under both laws and must be taken concurrently. An employee who is eligible for leave under only one of these laws will receive benefits in accordance with that law only.