Human Resources


This Handbook of Policies and Procedures for Administrative Staff (“Handbook”) is a source of information on policies and procedures that pertain to Wesleyan University administrative staff members. 

The Handbook is the authoritative resource for policies and procedures and replaces any previously published or previously dated policies or procedures. 

Policies and procedures may be updated from time to time. As revisions/additions, etc. are made, employees will be notified of changes. 

Information regarding medical, dental, and life insurance; and pension and retirement savings accounts is not provided in this handbook. Specific information on these benefits will continue to be provided in the annual benefits update communicated by Human Resources before each year’s open enrollment period. 

Please contact your supervisor or a member of the Human Resources staff to obtain information not included in this handbook or for advice about an employment related matter.* 

This Handbook is subject to change by the University at any time and is not a contract of employment. 

Administrative staff are “at will” employees and their employment may be terminated by the University at anytime with or without cause. An employee’s at will status cannot be changed except by a written document signed and dated by the Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. 

NOTE: Throughout the information in this Handbook, the total number of appointment hours is referenced. The hours are: 

1/2 time (.50 FTE) = 975 hours 

3/4 time (.75 FTE) = 1462 hours 

Full-time (1.0 FTE) = 1950 hours 

*Union members should refer to their union contracts for applicable policies.