Salary Considerations

(For purposes of this document, “salary” refers to the annual salary for exempt staff and the hourly rate for hourly staff.)

Staff positions are assigned to salary grades. Responsibilities of the job, experience and educational requirements, and market salary data influence the salary grade.

Each grade in the salary structure includes a wide range of positions (grouped because the levels of responsibilities are comparable) and a wide range of salaries.

Starting Salaries
Generally, starting salaries for new staff will be in the first quartile of the applicable salary grade. In some cases, the experience of the candidate may indicate a salary closer to the midpoint or higher when the new staff member’s relevant experience and/or education exceeds the minimum requirements, when market data indicates a higher salary is needed, and/or when the specific skillset required is relatively scarce in the available market. The salaries of current staff in similar positions are taken into account in the determination of a starting salary.