Whistleblower Policy and Reporting of Ethical Violations

Members of the Wesleyan community are encouraged to report suspected violations of law or University policy to their supervisor, Human Resources, or the University’s conduct portal at wesconduct@wesleyan.edu. The University will protect members of the Wesleyan community who make good faith reports of suspected violations of law or University policy from retaliation. Generally, reports might include any activity by Wesleyan or a Wesleyan employee that:

  • Violates University policy;
  • Violates a state or federal law or regulation, such as:
    • Harassment or discrimination,
    • Corruption or bribery,
    • Theft or misuse of property or funds,
    • Fraud,
    • Coercion, or
    • Misuse of data or privacy violation;
  • Wastes money; or
  • Involves gross misconduct, incompetence, or inefficiency.
Read the full Whistleblower Policy.