Payroll Procedures

Wesleyan makes every effort to ensure that employees are paid promptly and correctly. If an employee feels that their pay is incorrect, they are asked to contact the Payroll Office ( Detailed information is also located on the Payroll website.

Employees are paid monthly, semimonthly, or weekly, depending on their position. Wesleyan's method of payment is direct deposit. All employees are required to sign up for direct deposit. Employees are encouraged to use IPay to view payroll statements online.

Routine questions about tax deductions may be directed to the Payroll Office. Advice on tax withholding strategies, however, should be discussed with a personal accountant or financial planner/advisor.

Pre-tax deductions are available for:

  • Group medical, dental, and vision insurance (deduction is automatic for participants in these plans);
  • A reimbursement account for medical, dental, and vision expenses not covered by insurance (medical expense reimbursement account or MERA);
  • Employee contributions to the Wesleyan University Retirement Plan (tax-deferred); and
  • A dependent care expense reimbursement account.

In addition, optional after-tax deductions are available for:

  • Optional life insurance for employees or family members;
  • Contributions to the United Way;
  • Contributions to the Wesleyan Fund; and
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as the bookstore.

If you believe you have been subject to any improper deductions, please contact Payroll or Human Resources at x2100 immediately. If it is determined that a deduction was made in error, you will be reimbursed for the deduction.  No employee will be retaliated against for making a good faith inquiry as to the status of deductions made from their paycheck.