Summer Science Seminars

Weekly seminars are designed to broaden and enrich the intellectual experience of our summer research students. The speakers design their talks to be interesting and valuable for the undergraduate audience of varying scientific backgrounds and fields. Included are some talks by Wesleyan alumni who have gone on to careers in the sciences. Research students are encouraged to talk with the speaker, both in the formal seminar period, and in more informal smaller groups.

Below is the schedule of talks for the Summer Program 2021

Summer '21 Seminar Series

All seminars will be held at 12:30pm and available via this link.





June 10

Noel Bakhtian
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Department of Energy

Powerful Water & Thirsty Energy: The Energy-Water Nexus

Note: this seminar will start at 12Noon

Meredith Hughes

June 17

Steve Zucker
Yale University

"How might we see the world in 3D? Steps toward a computational theory of vision."

Cameron Hill

June 24

Mary Jo Ondrechen
Northeastern University

Seeking molecular probes for SARS-CoV-2 target proteins

Erika Taylor

July 1

Malika Jeffries-El
Boston University

Making molecules

Brian Northrop

July 8

Kate Brunson
Assistant Professor of Archaeology

"Introduction to Archaeological Science and Environmental Archaeology: Examples from Ancient China"

Ellen Thomas

July 15

Amelia Eisch
University of Pennsylvania

Of Mice and Mars: The Impact of Space Radiation on Cognitive Performance in Male and Female Mice  Jan Naegele

Jul 22

Marcus Byrne
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Dirty dancing – dung beetle celestial orientation Ruth Johnson

Jul 29

Keynote Lecture
Saray Shai
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Topology and Geometry of Urban Road Networks

Michael Weir


Additional Events

June 11 10am

Isaac Cervantes-Sandoval

Georgetown University

Forget about it!

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