Summer Science Seminars

Weekly seminars are designed to broaden and enrich the intellectual experience of our summer research students. The speakers design their talks to be interesting and valuable for the undergraduate audience of varying scientific backgrounds and fields. Included are some talks by Wesleyan alumni who have gone on to careers in the sciences. Research students are encouraged to talk with the speaker, both in the formal seminar period, and in more informal smaller groups.

Summer '19 Seminar Series

June seminars held at noon in 107 Shanklin - July seminars held at noon in 058 Exley   





06 June

Phoebe Cohen
Associate Professor of Geosciences
Williams College


"Answering Burning Questions by Burning Tiny Fossils: Reconstructing Ancient Ecosystems Via Single-microfossil Carbon Isotopes"

Ellen Thomas

13 June

Nathan Derr
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Smith College

"Teamwork and (Bio)physical Force Integration among Cytoskeletal Molecular Motors"

Candice Etson

20 June


Ryan Jensen
Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology and Pathology
Yale School of Medicine 

"Targeting the BRCA-dependent DNA Repair Axis for Cancer Therapy"

Ishita Mukerji

27 June

Kristi A. Wharton
Professor of Biology
Brown University

"Motor Circuit Dysfunction in ALS: Where Does it Occur and How Can We Prevent it?”

Ruth Johnson

11 July

Mike Robinson
Assistant Professor of Psychology; Assistant Professor, Neuroscience and Behavior


“Addiction-like Preference and Individual Differences in Compulsive Reward Seeking by Optogenetic Activation of the Central Amygdala” 


Ishita Mukerji


18 July 

Susanne Bechstedt
Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology
McGill University


“How to Make a Microtubule - and Why Cells Care.”



Michael McAlear


Key Note Lecture
Tsampikos Kottos
University Professor of Physics

"A Quest for Extreme Wave-Matter Interactions and the Emergence of New Technologies " Ishita Mukerji

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