COVID Information

COVID Capacities

COVID capacities have been established based on square footage of each space, to ensure that adequate physical distance can be maintained between individuals.  When students are permitted to visit each other, whether within a residence or between residences, the maximum number of individuals that can be in a space is limited by COVID capacities.  This means that some residents may need to leave the unit for other students to visit.  Further restrictions may apply, depending on current pandemic conditions.

The maximum occupancy of all bedrooms, whether a single, double or two room double, is two people.

In wood frame houses and apartments, the COVID capacity refers to the maximum number of individuals who may be in the entire unit at any one time.  Whenever a student who does not live in the house or apartment is present, everyone must wear a mask and maintain a six-foot distance.  

Woodframe and Apartment COVID capacities 

Common Space COVID capacities

What measures are being taken to ensure safety with regard to COVID?

A variety of precautionary measures are being taken to promote the health and safety of the Wesleyan community. These include, but are not limited to: robust testing, a 2-week initial quarantine, grab-and-go meals, and increased cleaning measures by Physical Plant.

Additionally, because indoor testing requires appointments, student arrival times will be staggered across the dates of the move-in process.

Beyond the initial quarantine:

Wear masks and maintain social distancing when outside of your residence (apartments/wood frames) and when outside of your bedroom (residence halls/program houses).

Follow general health and safety guidelines provided by the Davison Health Center. Abide by the COVID Code of Conduct.

Will the COVID guidelines/expectations change at any point?

Guidelines will be updated as the semester progresses as we continue to monitor the situation on campus, in the local community, and beyond. Students will be notified, should we be able to relax any guidelines such as students visiting other residences.

Guidelines may also be updated to be more restrictive if deemed necessary. For example, at the end of the fall semester the guidelines were updated to be more restrictive and courses went fully remote a few days earlier than originally planned.


Will family visits to campus be allowed / What is the policy on visitors to campus during the semester?

Visitors are not allowed to the campus at this time. If conditions improve, this policy may be adjusted accordingly.