Students Experiencing Housing Insecurity

Housing is available outside of the dates specified in the housing contract to students conducting university business during break periods or those who demonstrate a need. The University recognizes that housing needs may change over time. Students experiencing housing insecurity should indicate their need for long-term housing to their class dean. Once approved, students will work with the Office of Residential Life to identify appropriate housing accommodations.

A flowchart and description of the visual description of the pathways for students navigating housing insecurity can be found below:

Housing Insecurity Flowchart

Housing Insecure Options

Process / Options for Housing Insecure students

Students who are in need of year-round housing should engage in conversation with their Class Dean to inform them of this need.  The Class Dean works directly with Residential Life to help support students who need year-round housing.

There are essentially two paths open to students experiencing housing insecurity:


The traditional path mirrors the housing experience of traditional undergraduate students who participate in the housing selection process during the Spring semester.  The traditional path works as follows:

  1. Participate in Housing Selection.
  2. Move into Summer Housing.
  3. Move into academic year housing when it is available (typically end of summer).
  4. Over Winter Break you may need to move into temporary housing on-campus.
  5. Check in with ResLife in January to continue this path or change to the Long-Term option.


The Long-Term housing path diverges from the traditional undergraduate housing experience in order to provide a housing option that the student can remain in over a longer term period of time.  This options works as follows:

  1. Petition to move into a long term housing unit. Submit this request prior to Spring break.
  2. You will be notified of when you can move into the long-term housing unit.  Moves will occur during the summer break.
  3. You then stay in that housing unit for duration of your undergraduate time at Wesleyan.
    • Alternate temporary housing will be provided in the event that maintenance must be performed in the unit.
  4. Check in with ResLife in January to continue this path or change to the Traditional option.