Severe Weather and Power Outage Information

Students should create a Personal Emergency Response Plan and communicate the plan with family and friends. In the event of severe weather and/or power failures, we encourage students to do the following:

  • Pay attention to warnings, and encourage friends to do the same
  • Stock up on water/food staples (at least three days worth) and try to avoid items that need to be kept cold or warmed up since it will require electricity
  • Make sure prescriptions are refilled
  • Make certain flashlights are operable since candles are NOT permitted during emergency situations
  • If you have  a car on campus, consider filling the gas tank (gas pumps need electricity)
  • Charge phones and computer batteries in order to maintain communication with the University, family, and friends during and after the emergency
    • To extend the battery on your smart phone, turn off the mobile data when not in use.  SMS texts can still be transmitted when the data is off.
  • Save work on computer to avoid any losses
  • Unplug electronics and move them away from windows to avoid power surges and damage from broken windows.
  • Avoid using elevators because they can get stuck when the power fails
  • Stay indoors, if you need to go outside, avoid walking under trees or near downed power lines (assume all wires are live)
  • Assemble an emergency kit.
    • Special needs items such as prescriptions, eye glasses, contact lens solutions, etc...
    • Important documents (passports, IDs, credit cards, birth certificate, social security card, etc…)
    • Flashlight
    • Cash
    • Snacks and water
  • Tell your CA, RA or HM if you are leaving campus
  • If you live in a program or senior house:
    • Remove things from the yard that are not well secured
    • Avoid opening the refrigerator/freezer to preserve food items