Reunion & Commencement and Summer Transition Housing

Students living in Bennet, Westco, Nicolson and select program houses cannot stay in their unit beyond May 18, 2024. Any students in these units, except graduating seniors, residing in Bennet, Westco and Nicolson, who need housing after this date will be required to relocate to their summer housing residence (graduating seniors are permitted to remain in these units until Monday, May 27, 2024, with the understanding that Reunion/Commencement guests will also be occupying these buildings). Program House residents who need to relocate will be informed the first week in May.  All moves must be completed by 3 PM on Saturday, May 18, 2024. 

Summer housing will be in Clark and Hewitt.  Most rooms are double occupancy.  The cost is $24/day. 

Note: The spring housing contracts ends on May 18, 2024.  Summer housing charges begin on the date of occupancy on/after May 18, 2024, even though the student may not be in their actual summer assignment until a later date. Furthermore, the Fall contract begins on August 30, 2024. Summer housing charges will extend through this date even though the student will have transitioned to their fall assignment prior to this date.

Students on campus after May 18, 2024, will be expected to transition to their summer residence beginning May 24, 2024. Students remaining on summer beyond Summer Session II, through the beginning of the fall semester, will be expected to transition to their fall assignment in Mid-August, and should NOT make any plans to be away from campus during this time.  Failure to be available will result in the disposal of personal belongings and lock changes at the student’s expense.  This is necessary because the University needs adequate time to prepare the building for fall occupants.

Please note that there is no application for Reunion & Commencement Housing. Faculty and staff will be requesting student employees that need to remain on campus directly to our office. If students are applying for Summer Housing and will need R&C housing, they should indicate that they will need housing beginning on Saturday, May 18, 2024.