Laundry Information:

There are several locations where students can access laundry facilities while living on campus. 

The actual location of laundry facilities depends on where the student is assigned on campus, refer to the following drop-downs for more specific information based on the type of housing and for answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Residence Hall & CBLV Laundry Facilities

    Students in Residence Halls and CBLV's can access laundry facilities within their building, typically located on the 1st / Ground Floor.

  • Program Housing Laundry Facilities

    Most program housing locations have laundry facilities within the buildings on the 1st / Ground Floor or Basement areas. The Bayit has laundry located on the 2nd floor.

    Lighthouse, Science House, Sign House, German Haus, Japanese House, and Women's Solidarity House should use the Vine St. or Pine St. laundry facilities located at 1 Vine and 253 Pine.

  • Apartment Laundry Facilities

    The location of the apartment building will determine where laundry facilities are located for students living in apartment style housing.

    240 Court St., 65 Pearl St., and Low Rise apartments have access to the laundry facilities in High Rise.

    High Rise, 1 Vine, and Fauver apartments have laundry facilities located within the building.

  • Woodframe Laundry Facilities

    Woodframe locations have access to the Vine / Pine laundry facilities at 1 Vine St. and 253 Pine St. Some woodframes located on Church, College, Court, Pearl, and High Streets have access to alternate laundry locations- please see the table below.

    The code to access Vine and Pine laundry rooms is 1-3-5.

    Laundry Location Housing Location
    High Rise 128 Church, 138 Church, 162 Church, 200 College, 264 Court, 267 Court, 59 Pearl, 63 Pearl
    Butterfield A 124 High, 136 High, 146 High, all of Huber Ave.
    1 Vine St. & 253 Pine St. All other locations not listed above


  • Graduate Student Laundry Facilities

    Students residing in Park Washington, 258 Court St., and 126 Pearl St. have laundry facilities located in the basement of the buildings. 

    All other locations utilize the laundry at 1 Vine St. or 253 Pine St.

  • The Laundry Machine isn't Working, What do I do?

    Methods for reporting an out-of-service machine:

    1. Use the CSC ServiceWorks App
      • Scan the license plate on the front of the machine or enter the machine number and submit
      • Indicate the machine's problem, fill in contact info, and submit
    2. Call Customer Support
      • 1-800-762-3452
      • Press #1
      • Provide the CSC Representative with the license plate number on the machine
    3. Visit the CSC Website
      • Click on "Request Service"
      • Enter the machine license plate number and hit submit

    Why this is important:

    • We do not always know when a machine is not operating correctly
    • The sooner we know, the sooner we can return the machine to service for you
    • Please DO NOT assume someone else has reported the issue
    • Report all issues using one of the above methods beginning
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Save your soap! Use only two tablespoons of HE (High Efficiency) detergent
    • Use the cold water setting to save energy and help the environment
    • Clean the dryer lint filter before and after each load
    • Be kind to your fellow students – remove your clothes promptly so others can use the machines
    • #1 Problem with Washers is Too Much Detergent Causing Over-Sudsing!
    • Use only 2 tbsp. of detergent
    • Load with 5” of space on top
    • Select the appropriate cycle
    • Cold water cleans effectively and saves energy
    • The door will lock after payment, until the end of the cycle.  Never attempt to force it open.
  • Using Pods?
    • One pod per wash load is all you need.
    • Place the pod inside the wash tub before adding your clothes.
    • Do not place pods in the soap tray.
  • What are Some Common Laundry Mistakes?

    Too Much Soap

    • Going Green means using LESS WATER and LESS SOAP
    • There should be no white in the wash window!


    Over / Under-loading the Machines

    • Don’t pack the washers or dryers; leave room for the water and proper drying.
    • Don’t wash just one pair of pants.


    Not Emptying your Pockets

    • Your forgotten items could damage your clothing and clog the pump
  • How can I make sure my Laundry dries?

    Drying Instructions

    • Clean lint screen for maximum air flow
    • 1 washer load = 1 dryer load
    • Check clothing tags for drying instructions
    • Select desired temperature setting
    • Do not dry wool, rubber, or plastic
    • Be careful, the hot setting may cause shrinkage
    • Dryer will stop each time the door is opened during the cycle
    • Clothing needs to be able to move freely to dry efficiently