What is STEM Zone?

STEM Zone is located in the Science Library and is a space where students currently taking introductory science courses can receive academic support. Students can get help from course teaching assistants, course instructors, peer advisors, and fellow students.

M is for Math Jam!

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Econ Zone: New drop-in tutoring for ECON 101 and 110

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When is someone available for my course?

Fall 2023 Hours:

M is for Math Jam!

Math Jam

What is Math Jam?

Math Jam is an additional resource (complementing professor office hours, class CA sessions, and the Math Workshop) for students studying mathematics at Wes. Math Jam works on a "study hall” model. Students are encouraged to come, on their own or in a group. There is plenty of space to study and tutors are standing by when questions arise.

In the Fall 2023 semester, Math Jam will be the designated tutoring space for MATH 119, MATH 121, MATH 122, and MATH 132.

Where can I find Math Jam?

Math Jam is located in Woodhead Lounge (Exley 184).
The sessions are on Tuesdays from 6 - 9pm.

Note: Math Jam starts on September 5 and will close for the semester on December 5. Math Jam will be closed on October 24.

Why Math Jam?

Community + Practice = Success!

At Math Jam, space is available for students to come on their own, or in a group, to work on homework sets, study for exams, and find new study partners. Experienced tutors are on-site, ready to answer questions and review concepts as they arise.

An additional feature of Math Jam is that it is not limited to pure math questions alone. The tutors are able to assist with the “mathy” aspects of classes from other departments. All tutors are knowledgeable in the standard math calculus sequence. The tutors are also well-equipped to field intro-level questions in Economics, Physics, QAC, and Computer Science

For more information, visit the Math Jam website or contact Professor Ilesanmi Adeboye (iadeboye@wesleyan.edu). 

Econ Zone

What is Econ Zone?

Econ Zone is the designated drop-in tutoring service for introductory economics courses: ECON 101 & ECON 110. It complements professor's office hours, CA/TA's office hours, and recitation sessions. The tutors are available to answer specific questions about the course material. You can come, on your own or in a group, to work on problem sets and approach a tutor when questions arise.

Where can I find Econ Zone?

Econ Zone is located in Woodhead Lounge (Exley 184).
The sessions are on Mondays and Tuesdays from 7 - 9pm.

Note: The first Econ Zone session is on Monday, September 18 and it will run until December 5. Econ Zone will be closed on October 23-24 and November 20-21.

Why Econ Zone?

Econ Zone allows you to easily access tutors knowledgeable in introductory economics courses. Econ Zone's setup serves as one-stop shop for ECON 101 & 110 tutoring. Additionally, on Tuesdays 7-9pm, you can also access Math Jam - a similar drop-in tutoring service for introductory math courses that is also located in Woodhead Lounge. Math Jam tutors can also help you with the "mathy" part of economics.

Econ Zone Poster Fall 2023

Additional Resources

In addition to the support listed above, drop-in office hours are likely also available through your instructors or TAs. Wesleyan also has many other resources to assist students with coursework! Students can also contact the Deans' Peer Tutoring Program with additional questions.