Deans' Peer Tutoring Program

Peer tutors provide supplementary course-content instruction for students who request them. Tutoring is provided in small groups of up to three students with a tutor. Additionally, students can form their own group of up to three students and submit their requests for the group to work with a tutor. Peer tutoring is provided free of charge; students can receive up to two hours of tutoring each week per course for which they are matched with a tutoring group.

“The extra help has been really beneficial. The conversations, working through the assignments, all of it has helped me keep up with the class.” - Class of 2024

Any Wesleyan student can apply to be a tutor. Students who have previously done well in a particular course, and/or receive a faculty recommendation for a specific course, are qualified to tutor that course. Students may enroll to tutor as many courses as they wish. The University employs Peer Tutors, and they are paid by the Deans’ Office.

"I have had to practice reframing concepts that were perhaps once easy for me to learn but more challenging for others. It has been very useful to deepen my own understanding of different concepts. It has also been nice practice as I am going to teach post-grad and has helped me work individually with students." - Class of 2021

Tutor-tutee matches are made as quickly as possible. While students may be referred to use the Deans' Peer Tutoring Program, students must reach out themselves, by submitting a request for tutoring, in order to be matched with a tutor. Students recommended to be a peer tutor must apply through Handshake, and complete the enrollment requirements, before they can be hired as a tutor.

In response to student feedback throughout the pandemic, the Deans’ Peer Tutoring program will continue to allow tutoring groups to choose whether they would like to meet virtually or in person. This decision will be left up to tutor and tutees once they have been matched.

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